The Alshafai Neurosurgical Academy is pleased to provide opportunities for scholarships in 3 main areas:

1. Structured academic courses (CFN, CCN, CON, CCJ, etc.)
2. Research in both basic Science and Clinical projects
3. Clinical rotations
Opportunities are open to all interested applicants at different stages in their careers:
  • Undergraduates
  • Medical Students
  • Health Allied (nurses, physio, etc.)
  • Residents
  • Researchers
  • Qualified Neurosurgeons
  • I am pleased to announce a corner for scholarship opportunities offered to candidates in need for taking this Review Course. This is ideal for candidates who require financial assistance. I ask all potential candidates, who would like to apply, to write a short letter explaining why they would qualify for the scholarship and e-mail me at

    Best regards,

    Nabeel S. Alshafai

    Executive Director

    Winner of 2021




    SANS Scholar

    Saudi Association of Neurosurgical Surgery

    CFN Review 2018
    Jubail, Saudi Arabia

    ACNS Scholar

    Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons

    CFN Review 2018
    Jubail, Saudi Arabia


    Dr. Ryszard Czepko

    The winner of 2019 CCN Scholarship
    Neurosurgery Resident
    Krakow / Poland


    Dr. Mariagrazia Dibenedetto

    The winner of 2018 CCN Scholarship
    Junior Neurosurgeon
    Ospedale generale regionale Francesco Miulli
    Acquaviva delle Fonti, Bari / Italy

    Dr. Nikolay Tonchev

    The winner of 2017 CCN Scholarship
    Neurosurgical Resident
    University Hospital "St. George"
    Plovdiv / Bulgaria

    Dr. Naboichenko Andrii

    The winner of 2017 CCN Scholarship
    Romodanov Neurosurgery State Institute
    Kharkiv / Ukraine


    Dr. Marcel Ehanga Idi

    The winner of 2016 CCN Scholarship
    Neurosurgical Resident
    Hopital du Cinquantenaire de Kinshasa
    Congo / Africa


    Dr. Nada Ismail Alsiddig

    The winner of 2015 CCN Scholarship
    Neurosurgical Specialist
    The National Center for Neurosurgical Science
    Sudan / Africa


    Dr. Naira Sargsyan

    The winner of 2015 “Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation”
    Neurosurgical Resident
    University Clinic of Neurosurgery and
    Comprehensive Stroke Center
    Armenia / Euro-Asia